So apparently I’m not as tech savvy as I thought….my wordpress has an about section that I either;

 A: forgot about or B: didn’t know was here.  Soooooo I’m going to fill in some gaps!  

I am a 35 year old woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc all the typical roles apply.  Whatever, I am by nature a very sarcastic individual mainly because of repression of emotions, not out of fear, but out of simplicity.  I’m not going to get all “Sigmon Freud” about it, but that’s how it seems to summarize itself.  I have recently been diagnosed with severe anxiety, yay fucking me.  I refuse to take medication because all of the medications have addictive properties….uh no fucking thank you.  I do not want to be a drug addict mid life thanks doc.  

So what are my options?  

Counseling….seriously….I repress shit….I mean give me a fucking break…if I repress shit for 20 years do you think I’m just gonna open up to some strange man face to face? Hello NO!

Anti-Depressents —  I think this falls into the—fuck medication category.

Journaling….this is doable.  

A friend suggested blogging…they were like hey you should blog and save a tree, it’s not like anyone reads that shit anyways.  So here we are.  On a blog site that was already created for shits and giggles.  Now I’m actually going to use it.

So I’m asking for forgiveness in advanced…..I will vent here, I will ramble here, I will seemingly talk to myself here, and if you stumble across my page…be gentle…I have a ton on my plate.





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