So I’m going to try this talk-to-text thing because I don’t have time to sit down at my computer and actually do anything for me right now. 

So as I was driving today, it’s already at 7:57 a.m. and I’ve been driving for I don’t know 45 minutes now. I drove my kids to school and I’m driving to another location that’s an hour and 20 minutes from my kids school. 

Apparently I am incapable of doing our taxes because I have a vagina. And with that in mind I started thinking about the women’s protests and how they’re wearing these stuffed vaginas on their head but seriously they are wearing a vagina on their head and going topless…. okay…. in there protests and there’s something about that I just find absolutely hilarious…. let’s go have a March for women…. to empower women…. with a giant vagina on our head. 

Nothing says to me more then a giant vagina on your head that you’re a f****** moron. 

So then I started thinking about the people actually reporting the news that are at these gigantic marches for women’s rights….totally not my march… but at these huge women marches…they have these reporters who actually have to interview these women with giant vaginas on their heads….I think it’s hilarious.

Now imagine this I’m going to give you a hypothetical scenario and it’s just one of those random thoughts that go through my head. What if this reporter was interviewing this random woman with a vagina on her head topless shouting you know women’s rights…blah blah blah… whatever it is they say at these marches… so here we go.

Begin Scene:

Reporter: So do you feel that the stuffed vagina on your head with panties on it is more empowering than the stuffed vagina on the other woman’s head with no panties?

Woman with panties stuffed vagina on head: So I thought that if I sewed on panties to my stuff vagina hat that it would display a more modest version of my hat. 

Like other people are just going around wearing their vagina hats just showing it all you no… There’s no….no modesty whatsoever just wearing the vagina and letting everyone see it… so I thought that if I actually sewed on my vagina hat with panties it would show a more decent version a more modest and just really more appropriate if there were children around at the protest.

And I just thought it would be more I don’t know modest. (She says this as she stands topless talking to the reporter.)

Reporter: So what you’re saying to me is that you think the stuffed vagina on your head looks more modest with panties sewn onto it while standing here, toplessly, protesting?

Topless woman: Yes of course. I mean how could it not show a sense of decency to have panties sewn onto my stuffed vagina hat. It just looks better and it has a bit of fashion with it because they’re lacy… I sewed on lacy panties.

Reporter: Stares at topless woman with lacy panties vagina hat on her head and in utter disbelief turns and looks at the camera with his live audience watching him… he is speechless and decides to walk away.

Topless Woman: Hey!  Do you want me to make you one?!?

End Scene:

That’s my take on the whole hypothetical scenario of topless panty girl.

Topless…vagina hat… Do you seriously think anyone is going to take you seriously…f****** stuff on your head honestly who’s brilliant idea was it to wear a stupid f****** vagina hat for a f****** protests for women’s rights all that does is make us look like a bunch of stupid women like we’re stupid.

Honestly if I saw a man wearing a giant penis on his head in protests for gay rights that would just make me think he’s a f****** dick.  

Like he’s a damn dumb dick head that’s exactly what it would make me think.

So now the whole world sees women Marching for women’s rights and the only thing that I can think of is that they’re f****** cunt heads. Cunt headed women because they have f****** vaginas on their heads.

Stupid… stupid…left-wing liberal women, no modesty, no decency, no intelligence or common sense rather.   I’m sure they’re very intelligent women they just don’t have any f****** common sense and rant.


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