So right now I’m just getting totally overwhelmed.  My youngest was promoted in ballet… This means my Wednesdays are now going to be bouncing from one place to another in the span of an hour in different directions. 

It means my baby isn’t a baby!  (Crocodile tears are spilling over my lashes). 

It means my baby, she has a special gift and I can’t deny her the privilege of persueing it, ever.  

It means I have to start letting go… As I am shaking my head from side to side… Screaming no no no no no…

These are tremendous steps for me to take and I am choking back tears trying not to be overwhelmed.

…… I wrote this Saturday and thought I posted it… Guess I didn’t so I will now so that it isn’t in limbo.

Update on my coffee intake… I’ve cut back to two cups every morning and keeping up with my DDP Yoga.  (This is my positive note for this post.)


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