You know I am so tired of people saying, “Be true to yourself”. 

Like what the frik does that even mean.  It’s reminiscent of Shakespeare…. I guess (no sarcasm there) “To thine own self be true”. 

 Whatever man, like you guys gotta know who you are in order to be true to yourself. Typical that some relic would be inspiring people to tell me this…EVERY… FREAKING… DAY…have we met? 

No apparently FREAKING not!  I am a mother I don’t have time to be true to myself.  I have a vicious, awful three letter word event that happens everyday, that I have to do every….stupid….day, it’s called a JOB.  I have ballet, basketball, piano, church, do I need to keep going?  If I were true to myself I’D be at a bar on the beach throwing back jello shots and long island ice tea….BUT NO I can’t do that!!!  I’m a FREAKING MOM…(which I love being a mom)…. Everything I do in my life is for my kids or my teenager. Neither of which appreciate a FREAKING THING YOU DO FOR THEM!!!  

Oh wait, yea unless it’s convenient for them!  I have to be responsible because none of them know that word is in existence… It’s not because I haven’t taught the kids responsibility to do for themselves like I don’t know, take out the trash, or better yet, take their dirty plate to the kitchen sink…. That’s six foot from the table…. Six…foot… One day…. One day I will break the plates… Not really but it’s nice to imagine picking dirty plates up and throwing them on the tiled floor going; Ooops how did that happen?!? With fake exasperation.  

If one more person tells me to be true to myself…. It’s to the moon Alice….


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