Look at the simplicity of that little word. 


Three letters that stare out at you, taunting you, with expectations.  Expectations that you should know …. HOW!

Think about the use of the word and the scenarios that could be played out with it everyday.

How to pay a mortgage.

How to mow a lawn.

How do I get over the passing of a loved one?

How did I get past my divorce?

How so, you explained it wrong?

How do you look at me and not pay attention to what I say?

How did you make it this far in life?
Seriously, this is the most menacing word in the English language.  The implications alone are daunting.  Because you are just supposed to know….HOW.

I have people tell me all the time, move on don’t dwell. (I thought I had) You should apply yourself to something useful. (I thought I was)   

If I so obviously wasn’t doing these things then HOW do I do them?

If I’m such a big waste of space in life HOW do I become not a waste of space?

This isn’t where I wanted this paper to go, but it is what it is, sorry.

I think if people knew how much I do on a daily basis they would be more responsive, respectful, instead of simply assuming.  

You know what happens when you assume right?  You make an ASS out of U and ME….I think you should know HOW to read between the lines and put that together.


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