Greetings to my Blog, Blissful Randomness!

Kiss my Bliss….sounds so much better than the alternative, does it not? Most of my blogs I’m sure will be incessant rambling’s with no purpose or reason. I have yet to decide on a theme, randomness sounds pretty awesome to me, for this is my escape from reality!

Random post number 1.

Where the h..e…double hockey stick are all the freaking pay phones? Am I the only one to notice this shat? Seriously, not everyone can afford a cell phone. Granted last time I was in the city I saw a bum chatting it up on the telly with whoever rather excitedly; but that still does not answer my question.

Why exactly would they remove the phone, but leave the booth? That’s like false advertisement! What if my cell was broke and I needed to dial up an emergency, I see a phone booth, sprint to it with my broken leg (not that you could sprint with a broken leg but hey ya never know), and BAM! NO FREAKING PHONE!

I don’t even know why they leave the phone booths. That’s just stupid and wastes space. They should change the picture from a phone to a man leaning, because all they are good for now are leaning posts!

Anyways, my point of this post is I don’t need a point, kiss my bliss!


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